Hi there, today i just bought a second hand Lumia 930 (i already own one) and to my surpise the phone has a full working Lumia Camera app on Windows 10. As you all know this app is no longer available on Win 10 and we have to cope with the lower grade Windows Camera app that doesn`t even have stereo recording or use the 4 mics on the phone. I asked the guy from whom i bought the phone how he managed to have this working and he told me that all he did was to reset the phone before he sold it to me, i took it and installed all updates except the Lumia Camera, the store nags me with an update to the camera but i`m afraid to do it because it might disable it. Has anybody with a Lumia 930 done any reset on Win 10 and test if the Lumia Camera works ? I`m on build 14295 on my 930 and i don`t really fell like to do a reset just to see if this actually works.

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