Several months ago I ditched my Lumia 930 and moved across onto a Samsung Galaxy 7, the windows updates occurring on the phone at that time were just too buggy, so as a lemming I tried the Android platform. Anyway to cut a long story short I miss the Windows Mobile Tile interface, simple stuff like pinning an outlook folder onto the main screen doesn\’t exist on the android. I got to say the tile interface is the best mobile interface out there. So now looking for another windows phone is like looking for hens teeth except for the HP Elite. Its funny that Microsoft are sticking with the windows store. Hopefully the surface phone will make my dream come true again, at the moment Microsoft lost their mojo in this area.

Two things I\’d try first: 1. A different launcher like Launcher 10 or SquareHome 2.2. See if a different email client can do what you want.

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