Hi folks. When using a tablet under W10 I find I need a back button far more (far far more) than the Windows button. Weirdly MS decided to make the only front tablet hardware button go to the Start Screen, which is far less regularly needed. I can swipe up for an on screen back button but that is a right pain when going back multiple screens as you have to swipe up again before every back press for some reason as there is no delay for you to repress before it hides again. Putting a whole bar of nonsense across a limited screen size permanently is obviously not a solution either, before someone suggests it. I\’m trying to find a way to redefine the hardware Windows button as a back button. I doubt I\’m the first to try. Does anyone out there have a method I could try?

I am thinking that when you say you want it to be a "Back" button is so you can get to a previous opened app or window. Why not use the Task View on the task bar, this brings up a small version of all open apps or programs and even multiple desktops, then you simply go to the one you want, far easier than swiping through windows.

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