I\’m looking at upgrading my desktop\’s motherboard and cpu in the near future. I want to do this without reinstalling Win10 due to games/applications/settings. Is there a good guide on how this is possibly achieved? I know there will be issues with drivers and such. Looking for experience from those who\’ve done this. Thanks in advance!

You can try using sysprep to generalise the install, then plug the hard drive into the new motherboard. I have not tried this windows 10 so ymmv. Just copy and paste this into command prompt running in admin priveleges = sysprep\\sysprep.exe The full directory is C:\\WINDOWS\\system32>sysprep\\sysprep.exe. This will launch this dialogue box: sysprep.png Click generalize and Shut down click okay, let the programme run and shut down, follow the on-screen prompts as necessary after you have plugged in the hdd/ssd containing your windows 10 install onto your new motherboard. Given that Ryzen is due to launch soon, I will try to put up a guide using my dying laptop running Windows 10 as a test guinea pig.

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