Hi, This is really annoying and to resolve some of the problem the phone restart is required. Phone: Nokia Lumia 830Software: Windows 10 MobileVersion:1511OS Build: 10.0.14295.1000Firmware:02040.00021.150063.02001 1. Contacts do not open under Phone app2. Lock screen is not refreshing with new Bing images3. Email Accounts cannot be managed and as soon Manage button is being clicked clicks – the action is redirected to the start screen.4. Facebook video is flickering if I press any buttons such volume button These issues are temporary resolved when phone is restarted1. Emails are not being synced 2.New incoming emails are not displayed when phone is locked 3. Live tile does not display new emails4. One Drive service does not work. Black page is displayed5. Store app is continuously spinning and no content is being displayed.6. MS News app is continuously spinning and no content is being displayed. Does anyone experience the same problem I do?Are any problems with my MS Live ID? Thank you.

14295 If you want stability, go back to 10586. That is the production one. You are on an insider release which means it will have issues.

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