I\’ve just pulled the trigger on a 950. Got a BT keyboard and mouse and miracast to try that all out. I\’m very familiar with most of the windows store because I\’m an avid tablet user. I\’ve got some 27 apps and games I want to install already XD It seems like the windows 8 stuff, and some windows mobile stuff is hidden from the user on desktop/tablet. Like you can find it via a web search, but not via the store itself on desktop. I\’d like to know what mobile specific apps, you advise I look into when I set up my phone. Stuff I might not know about coming from desktop/tablet. Or even just anything you find super handy. Figured I\’d get more help from you guys here, than the front page, seeing as all they talk about is people leaving the platform, which ain\’t much help XD I\’m all in on MS services, I use Cortana, edge, outlook, and office.

For example – best photo filter app? Anything like uber, or airbnb? Runtastic like apps? Whatapp and similar? Best car navigation apps? I think I\’ll have more apps on my 950 than my old phone already, but install and setup, in the honeymoon period is part of the fun 🙂

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