My laptop (a ThinkPad X240, Windows 10 Insider Preview on build 16257) has trouble to access many Microsoft Services, such as Cortana,, OneDrive, MSN,, and even unable to download apps through Windows Store (but it still up for task when i\’m just browsing around in it), and Windows Update always failed, error (0x8024401c). However, it happens only in my home network and only with my PC. I can use the services mentioned above with my PC in other networks, or when using other PCs (also with Insider Preview and not) or phones in my home. I\’ve tried the troubleshooting options in Windows but it always reported no problem found. I\’ve also done some testing with my router (with firewall option turned on and off), resetting Windows Update and Windows Firewall, but the trouble is still happening. I can confirm that my time is set correctly, I have enough storage space available, and I\’m the only person who has access to the router settings. What do I need to do? I\’m open to any suggestions except from reinstalling Windows. Regards.

There seem to be some successful solutions for similar issues here:…5a69bcb?auth=1

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