Yesterday I started seeing issues accessing MyFitnessPal via my Win 10 Mo phone. I contacted their tech support and received this response AUG 11, 2016 | 12:10PM PDTHi George, Please accept our sincerest apologies if you are having issues accessing the app. Unfortunately, due to several issues with the app, and not enough demand of the app from our members, we have decided to no longer offer an app on the Windows platform. Due to limitations of the Windows Phone store, we are unable to provide ongoing access to the app for existing users. Once a member logs out of the app, access to the app will no longer be available. For members that may still have access to parts of the app, we are also unable to further support triaging of the app. Your account can still be accessed via our main website at or via the iOS and Android platform. I cannot find it in the store. I sync my bike rides, walks, and golf rounds from my Band 2 with MyFitnessPal but soon I will be unable to enter my meals from my phone. I\’ve used Microsoft products since 4K BASIC and their mobile devices since Win CE 1.0. I want to stay on the Microsoft ecosystem but regardless what some people say, the app gap is real and will kill this platform. I\’m hoping the Surface Phone changes things; if not I may leave.

That is unfortunate but not surprising. No scanning food into the app now I guess. I guess it\’s easy for a company to ignore say 50,000 users when they likely have millions on Android.

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