I\’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, last minute.I don\’t want to bring my macbook since it\’s heavy and too much to lug around now.I was looking at the HP stream 7, I know I missed the $99 deal, its $120 now but I don\’t mind. I literally need it to dump some photos from my DSLR and do some small light room editing. If someone can clarify if the microusb can be used as a port or is it just for charging? Plug my card reader/camera in the adapter.So I was wondering if it would be decent enough to do some light edits in light room and I see it has no HDMI, but it\’s $100~.I was looking at surface, but it\’s just too expensive since I don\’t really need a replacement tablet/laptop. So something in the $100 range and windows preferably since I want light room on there.

You get what you pay for with these cheap Windows tablets. Are you sure there arent any Android apps that can do the same thing, it runs a lot lighter than a full Windows install and may actually be usable.

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