Is anyone at all able to answer the following questions about Windows Store for Mobile 10 – and note these problems are on two different phones, a 640 and a 1520, running the newest Windows 10 build: ON the 640 — 5 items are always stuck. Always. If you have it set to store apps on "This Device" it fails with an error, and if you click that error, no report is given as it just tries to download it again, to give an error. If you have the phone set to store apps on your SD card, it asks you to override and save to your storage device, where it tries to download and fail. These apps are:Gestures & TouchLumia Motion DataEqualiserLumia Help + tips (US)Rate Your Device also of note, 3 times now this phone has asked me to re-enter my password, both in the store and in Cortana setting up reminders. I have not had to do this on my neither my other phone, PC or Surface. On the 1520 – Same scenario with the 640, except different apps will not download, funny enough it\’s still 5 apps in number:Hey CortanaCallSMSFilterRate Your DeviceGestures & TouchLumia Motion Data Can someone please give me a heads up as to why this simple process is so friggin hard and touchy??? Anyone?? These phones have (1) been hard reset (2) not restored from backup Please any insight would be great it is driving me nuts.

From the apps that you mentioned, do you use any of them? Except for Hey Cortana

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