Hi, I have a problem on windows 10 after clean installing November update.My network connection works fine with normal internet usage(my internet speed is less than 10Mbps).I Also have setup Samba (home network sharing) and an Apache web server (both only is used in local network) .When I use Apache or Samba to download/upload a large file on my local network (100Mbps full speed) after a few minutes or even less than a minute my connections drops suddenly. And both my local and internet access will be gone until I disable/enable network adapter or restart windows. Yesterday I installed a clean copy of windows 10 AU , Problem is not solved.I did not have this problem on windows 7 and 8.1 and also windows 10 before November update.I updated my network card driver (Atheros L1) But problem not solved. What Can the problem be? Thanks

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