Now MS confirms that PWA apps will not work on W10M:…ows-10-mobile/ PWA apps could have brought some life to back to W10M, and compensate for all the native apps that\’s been lost / never was there. Google, Apple and even Microsoft have support for PWA apps in their latest browsers. When MS decided to kill W10M why couldn\’t they go through with their plans to bring Edge to the Store as originally planned? And backporting the most important APIs from RS3 and RS4 as they promised. Then Edge on W10M could still be updated with not only PWA app support, but also support for new web standards and features. Like how MS core applications like Store and Outlook still get some improvements on W10M. Since W10M users don\’t have the native apps, would it be too much to ask from MS that they at least kept the most important feature, the web browser, up to date for at least the same period as they support the platform with security updates?

But why should they? They don\’t want to put any resources into W10M anymore. They left it behind

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