Hi, On Wednesday I shut down my pc, and there was an update pending for windows 10, the next day I turned on my pc and I noticed that all the desktop icons were back on my laptop screen, they should have been on my second screen ( sony bravia tv ), so I checked my display settings, and my second screen was no longer detected. I checked \’adjust resolution\’ by right-clicking on the startmenu,… but you cannot see anything there either. I tried different cables just to make sure, but it\’s definitely not that, it was caused by whatever was in that windows 10 update, which alas you cannot revert. I tried this \’\’solution\’\’, but it didn\’t help me further. I have an MSI GT72s Dominator Pro. Should I re install my Nvidia drivers? I just have no idea where to start, it\’s incomprehensible how suddenly my hdmi output just stopped working.

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