I have the official windows 10 release from verizon running on my 735 and like it so far but with a couple of gripes. I noticed some performance stutters and especially on certain apps such as facebook. My biggest gripe is the battery drains like a fat kid eats cake. I can have my phone at 100% and it will be at 80% in a matter of an hour even if not being used. After the update completed I did a hard reset and started off fresh so I have no idea what else to do. Anybody else have this issue? suggestions?

1. Make absolutely SURE you have the Skype Video Messaging disconnected from calling, AND signed-out. This is probably the biggest drain that I\’ve seen, for built-in stuff.2. Go to .456, the latest (stable, tons of fixes and battery improvements) Insider, Release Preview build. I\’ve easily gotten 50%+, on my battery life, since the 300 builds. My guess is that your Verizon build is .107, which wasn\’t so great, in battery, amongst others.3. Go into "Settings->Background Apps" and disable everything you really don\’t need running when you\’re not using the phone. This combo works well for me, I easily get 1-2 days from my phone now.Keep an eye out for the Video Messaging, mine re-enables itself, if you get an incoming call, kindof a bummer but at least now you know (*not tested in .456, could be fixed, but was present in .420)

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