Hi, I have a HP 225 G3 Notebook laptop, it orignally had Widnows 8 but I upgraded to Windows 10. SInce doing this none of my older games will play on the laptop. It installs the games but then when I go to open them to play nothing happens. I have tried uninstalling and then running the new install on compatability settings that should in theory work, but to no avail. I have recently updated the graphics card and other drivers as before this update nothing would run on the laptop and there were major issues with just general use. The games that just won\’t run and have tried multiple suggestions for are Zoo Tycoon 2 and Black and White 2, both of which my laptop should be able to handle relatively easily, graphics and PC requirements wise. Anyone have any suggestions? I used to be relatively good on a computer before WIndows 8 changed how the entire PC looks, so please give a simple answer as I\’m still learning how to use the laptop despite having it several months!

Hey Meghan, Can you tell me if you get any error messages when trying to launch Zoo Tycoon 2? We\’ll start with that game, and work from there.

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