I have checked various sites claiming to have instructions on how to set Windows 10 random wallpaper shuffle to a customized time but the instructions never seem to work, and are often a few years old. My goal is that I want my wallpaper to change randomly every 30 seconds – this was possible under Windows 7. Additionally, I would like it to be shuffled in a genuinely random fashion – I’ve noticed that under Windows 10 it often seems not to be genuinely shuffled and tends to cluster similar images together (I have over 45,000 wallpapers and it seems beyond coincidence that I regularly hits runs of themed images). I fear the above may come across as very nit-picky but there are legit reasons I need it to be genuinely random and faster than 1 min – it’s a work related thing. Actually, I’m currently trying to find an app that will allow me to do random customized interval slide shows so if anybody knows of any I’d be glad to hear.

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