Hi, I have a OneDrive account which I use for sharing files between various devices, including a desktop still running Windows 7, a laptop running Windows 10 and a Microsoft Lumia 950 running the latest Windows 10 mobile. The problem is with the mobile. E.g. if I create a text file on, say, Windows 7 and save it to OneDrive, I can open it on the mobile file. However, the mobile opens it read-only in Microsoft Word. If I then modify the contents on the Windows 7 machine, the update does not get synced to the mobile device – it still displays the original contents of the file, even though the file\’s metadata show the later last modified date and time. It\’s like Word is keeping a cached version somehow, which is just plain daft! Is this because the text file is being opened on the mobile device with Microsoft Word? I can\’t see how. Any assistance gratefully received. Mark

Try turning the phone off and on, do a battery pull or do a soft reset. Lately I have had issues with things not saving and doing the above bar the battery pull on my L930 helped. I admit not ideal, have a go and let us know how get on.

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