I use Onenote extensively and is a must have, it is very useful, however, I have hit a real problem. I use my mobile, ipad and laptop to add to my notes.I have several sections and one of them is password protected, and for a long time now it has worked perfectly, almost instant sync no issues……. until today. I had used it on laptop no problem, then went to access on my phone and it glitched, it kept telling me it couldn\’t access the section as it was password protected and then went into a continual loop of wanting to verify who I was and asking for my phone passcode. Eventually I closed it down and left it. Went to access on my laptop an hour later and now I can not access anything on that section from the middle of February, it just hangs like it is syncing, everything before is fine, and that is the same across all devices, except my phone.My L640 has created a new section called Misplaced sections, and that is not synced to anywhere, but I can read the notes from February on, I have then tried to copy and/or move these to keep them in the section for it to say that they are not downloaded yet to be able to do anything, but I can read them. So currently I can only access those notes on my phone but can not do anything to keep them elsewhere or sync them.Subsequent entries I have made I have tested out and since the glitch everything is working fine, just a section that is stuck in limbo, can anyone suggest anything. Unfortunately this is about the last straw for this phone, the significant problems, issues, glitches and errors that have cropped up in the last two weeks are beyond what should be happening and the phone and system has become a liability. I want to stay on windows phone and keep this data, so any ideas. Thanks

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