I am trying to figure out the best way to access my work email. My company does not support WP yet so I\’m forced to use the mobile site. In the new edge browser the login screen is responsive but post login it brings you to a very old view of the email not optimized for mobile. UC browser actually works better than Edge believe it or not. I know Android and iOS have an OWA app. Where is this for Windows phone?????? For heavens sake I can\’t even use Edge to get it to render correctly and have to use a third party browser that really isn\’t that reliable either. What gives Microsoft? Maybe there\’s another alternative I don\’t know about? You provided other mobile OS\’ with a solution but not for your own OS? I just want a clean and reliable way to check my work Outlook email on my splendid Lumia 950 At&t too much to ask?

You should be able to set it up yourself. Have you tried? Go to setting, email and try to see how far you get. Most likely you just need to know where the server is.

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