Howdy, On my lumia 950 I can open any app (store page) in de windows store, however when I try to open any game in de windows store it gives me the error 0x00000194 (page could not be loaded). I already tried to sign in and out of the Store and restarting the phone. How to solve this? Tia

1) have you updated the Store app? 2) Are you connected via Wifi or mobile data? I ask, as the new version of the store (after it got rebranded – to Microsoft Store from "Store) relies on a very constant and reliable connection otherwise it throws errors and crashes. It also won\’t load if there is no internet connection detected, I have been playing around with a 950 XL that I got a few days ago and that is what I have noticed. The store does not load on WiFi signal that is just about 1 bar of signal (I cannot attest how it behaves with a low mobile signal as I have not put my sim inside the 950 XL). This means anyone tries to set up the store without a mobile data connection, you won\’t be able to do so let alone turn off update automatically via Wifi. As it is set to download App updates automatically via WiFi – on a limited WiFi connection it could eat up vast chunks of the data allowance if you do not have a mobile data connection.

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