Ok searched through all the other threads on this and nothing is helping. I upgraded my partners mothers laptop to windows 10 back in November, my partner rarely uses it, it was originally her father\’s who died back in March, anyway a couple of days ago she came to use it and has found that all the photos (15 years worth) are missing, all the subfolders are there but pretty much all of them are empty! I\’ve read on previous posts that the files will be in the windows.old directory but they\’re not, I\’ve also read that the windows.old directory is only good for 28 days (eek) is this true? How can I get them back?unfortunately no back up (I know stupid, stupid, stupid) and they\’ve never known how to backup so no historic back ups either 🙁 I\’m desperate for a correct answer guys – please help before I find myself single again!!

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