I know PhotoShop cs3 doesn\’t work with windows 8. Does anyone know if PS will work with windows 10?

There are numerous versions but if you mean Photoshop CC, it will work when Windows 10 is released. As to whether it works on the beta, Adobe will make it clear you are on your own. They do not support running any of their applications on a beta OS – never have and never will. People threw fits over problems with Adobe applications when Windows 7 and 8 were betas, and the statement was always the same. Current versions would be supported on release but they did not support pre-release OSs and would not release bug fixes specifically to address beta problems. BTW, if people tell you it works fine on the current beta, keep in mind that user experience can and will vary. I remember when people said Lightroom worked great with the Windows 7 beta, except many of us had little problems like images displaying upside down or graying out when zooming….

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