Okay, there will be no REAL wagering here. However, I thought it would be fun to guess a release date and time that Windows 10 Mobile will be announced as "RTM" that the Insiders can actually download and have what is being released to new Windows 10 Mobile phones. Here is how it works. Make a post, and give the exact day and time of day you expect the build to be released. We will go by the official timeline on Gabe Aul\’s twitter feed for the real announcement to determine the winner. Winner will "Win the Internet for a Day," or some such nonsense as that. Yeah, no real prize, but you\’ll get bragging rights here on the forums, and I\’ll ask everyone to stop by your post where you made the guess and hit the "Thanks" button AND the "Like" button. Give all dates in Pacific Standard Time. That\’s the time zone where Redmond, Washington is, where Microsoft Headquarters is located, and from where Gabe Aul will send out the tweet. Once it is released, I\’ll comb through this thread and whoever has the closest guess without going past the date and time will win. Here is the list so far: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?page…Du-nWNeIktplgQ

Think it will be on the 27th November

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