windows 10 on HP 15(smart touch) notebook. i was using edge and bing (which i hated compared to explorer and google) till last week and started setting up google as browser and did not set up account cause of my aol email….I HAVE READ TO MUCH ONLINE AND AM LOST!!! I have never worked with a smart phone or apps. had no idea what to do when I switch from 8 to 10 so only a few apps were loaded. I would like to do recovery or back up and delete programs i wont be using when i start over… I don\’t have and would like dependent on wise advise messenger facebook app, a you tube app. Google app?. … SHOULD I USE EDGE OR GO BACK TO EXPLORER?…..I have a aol email and wanted to be able to use it as main email and be in one place to work…. meaning from 1 page i can see notifications from FB sale groups as well as my profile, and all web sites like offerup, craigslist,..etc. I should be able to manage it from one place instead of jumping back and forth to interact with each one. And will ONE DRIVE help me in this? I have not used the start button screen ever and it is suppose to be something really useful… This is 2 issues and the first has to be done before 2nd. If i am in wrong catagory let me know. SEND HELP I\’M SINKING!!!!!

There isn\’t a problem using an AOL email address, however you should really consider having an MS one as well. The main difference in my mind with PC\’s now and in the past is how the account is structured, nowadays it\’s YOU using the CLOUD that is the important part of the system, so you set up an MS/outlook/Hotmail account, and you use this on each device you have for example PC/Tablet/Xbox/Phone and the one account synchronises your details across the devices. Within that you can still set up and use other emails for example I have an MS account/Hotmail email address but I also have and use a Gmail email address and this is also set up on my PC/two tablets/mobile phone. As to what browser you use, I tend to use Edge most of the time, but I also have IE and Firefox installed and use them at various times, Edge is still new and like Windows itself "Still in development". Good luck and I am sure more help will be available.

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