I\’ve been using Podcast Lounge on my Nokia Icon since 8.1 via Bluetooth streaming in my car. I recently upgraded my phone from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. Since the upgrade, I\’ve noticed that the elapsed/remaining times shown on my car\’s screen don\’t match what is showing on my phone (the phone is correct). Actually, they are way out of sync and the car\’s display really makes no sense relative to the time displaying on the phone. I haven\’t noticed this behavior with any other apps that use Bluetooth streaming and I only noticed the problem with Podcast Lounge after the upgrade to Windows 10. The attached two photos illustrate the problem. I paused the playback on my phone so that you can see the two displays at the same point in time. When I fast forward or reverse, the car\’s display does update, but it just makes no sense whatsoever. I\’ve sent a message to the developer, but I\’m just wondering if anyone else has seen this?

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