I just purchased the Dell XPS 15 9550 i7 laptop and have one issue that\’s driving me crazy. Not sure if this specific to Dell computers or it\’s just a Windows 10 "feature", but I can\’t disable it in any way. Whenever I move the windows, there is this floating thumbnail-like thing on the desktop that allows me to position the window to a specific area of the screen. It\’s driving me crazy, it\’s in a way and more often than not \’steals\’ my window and puts it where I don\’t want it. I tried to disable it through Settings / Display / Multitasking / Snap, and although I\’m able to disable Snap, the damn thing is still there. Any idea how can I get rid of this nuisance? wiao8hb.jpg

OK, problem solved. In the system tray right-click on Dell Premier Colour and Disable Display Splitter.

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