I\’ve been on a Lumia 640 WP8.1 for years and *LOVE* it. Apps have been disappearing so a friend lent me an Alcatel Idol 4S to try out. I didn\’t put a SIM in. The main problem is TXT messages. It imported loads of TXTs, many I had previously deleted, and it only goes up to 6/12/2016. I bought myself a refurb Lumia 950 and started setting it up (restoring the Alcatel backup failed) and updating it. When I got to TXT messages, it did the same thing, right up to 6/12/2016, ending with the exact same TXT message. Can I get some insight and help on this? There are TXTs I really need to save and keep intact.

Also, I have a "message backup" app on my desktop that will read my message store in my account at MS and it has all messages right up to current.

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