I\’ve been using windows mobile 10 for a while now and one the things I\’ve done a few times is hard reset the phone. Now I know this feature exists for laptops. I want to try it but only when I\’m sure on how it works and what will happen So some of my questions What goes missing when you hard reset? Obviously my data disappears such as photos and documents. But what else?I\’m using Kaspersky Anti virus, after hard reset I\’ll have to reinstall it but will it detect that I had the license?Will hard reset keep the latest windows 10 or will it downgrade to the original windows 8?After hard reset, what are the recommended steps in restoring data and applications? What do I start with first?Like in windows phones, can settings and layouts be backed up and restored?How about browser history and bookmarks in mozilla? Can I restore that?What happens to my office? I have installed office 2016. Will I have to have the license key with me or will it automatically detect? Hope to get some replies soon Thank you Chintan

Moved to appropriate area… Windows 10 How-To Guides is for write ups of prepackaged solutions… Not for leading questions on issues not yet resolved.

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