If PWAs will be wrapped as appx files, and according to some places I\’ve read, at least some PWA services have been written for edge on WM – will you be able to install and run these appx\’s on windows mobile (even if you can\’t actually see them on the store on your phone)? IE, could you just download the appx once they become available, flip it over to your phone, and run it on your WM with some functionality?

It depends on Edge on WM10. PWA requires service workers which were not on WM10. Microsoft could in theory push an update to Edge out to enable it but Dan @ WC suggested they likely wouldn\’t. They could also include an alternative embedded browser component in the APPX as an alternative portable engine to Edge in the auto-wrapped PWA appx\’s as a workaround. All things are possible. But the answer is only time will tell.

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