With CShell and Windows 10 on ARM coming; what text messaging app will we get to use? I am currently on my desktop, and I opened the "messaging" app because for some reason I thought I would be able to text with it. I realized that it is just a "read-only" app. Are they going to flesh this app out? Or are they really going to push Skype? I personally love the simplicity of the standard messaging app. If I could get skype to look and feel like the messaging app then I would use it, but in it\’s current state it\’s not my cup of tea. Does anyone know the answer to these questions? I try to stay up to date with the news but I do miss things sometimes.

I haven\’t heard anything about windows 10 adopting native text messaging capabilities. However there are already ways to text with your number and computer. I\’ve got Verizon and use the messaging app they make, it allows me to send and receive texts with my phone number from windows 10, also works for iPad and Android tablets with calling enabled. Samsung has software that can sync your phone and PC for texting, and I\’ve tried a program called mighty text in the past but didn\’t work flawless for me.

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