Hi guys, I\’ve been using Windows 10 since it came out officially and now I also have the November update I\’ve had some irritating issues that I feel now I need to sort out once and for all. So here goes

  • I deal with a lot of photos, hundreds to even a thousand per month. I really liked arranging them by date taken as I could see photos for a particular day. With Windows 10, this feature works a quarter of the time. When I go to my pictures folder and arrange by day, it will work but if I exit and go back after a few days, it reverts to the default view of by name without grouping of any kind. How do I make "arrange by date" permanent?
  • Again with photos, with the November update, now all my photo files don\’t show their names below the photo tile when in show large size setting. How do I get the folder to show the names and the photo also?
  • Sometimes when I open a photo using windows photo viewer, and I click on next, it doesn\’t go to the next photo in the sequence but jumps to a random photo somewhere down the list. Why does this happen?
  • When I open the photos in my phone through the laptop, I can\’t go to the next or the previous photo via the photo viewer. I have to close the viewer and open the next photo. Then I close that photo and open the next one. Really irritating.

These are some issues for now. I\’ll ask more later Thank you for your time in replying

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