I updated my Lumia 520 to Windows 10 Mobile from Windows Phone 8.1, after upgrading finish, I play my phone for a while.10 minutes later, my phone started to getting lag, so I hard reset my phone, after logging in and setting up, my phone is getting smooth again.After opened few apps, my phone freezes, wont respond, the display is running, it will dimmed, but no animation.Although soft reset fix it, but it will freezes again after I run some apps.Anyway to fix this? Extra question: I installed lockmix, after I selected photo, the app crash and quit. Help please.

Despite suggestions that the 520/521 is among the Lumias to be upgraded, perhaps the 512mb Ram is still a limiting factor for Windows 10.Maybe just restore the phone to 8.1 and be happy that it is still a workhorse if you don\’t overburden it.The only reason I am considering the update on my 640 1GB Ram is the potential to install android apps.

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