Probably not surprising, but Anyone using the RBC (Canada) for Windows Phone App, RBC is discontinuing support for the app, designed for Windows Phone 8.x, however still works on Windows 10 Mobile. I got notified today while trying login to check my bank account, and was told to use the website.I sent them an email, stating if they had considered that the app is being used on Windows Mobile 10 as well.And asked if the Windows (PC) app was being discontinued as well, its not a universal app AFAIK, but they seem to share the same code. I guess this is another feeling disappointed in Microsoft in its handling of current mobile devices, seemingly leading to some app developers to abandon the platform.

Well that\’s not very comforting to hear but as you said, not a surprise. Venture to guess RBC for WM10 won\’t be too far behind. We lost the TD Bank app for 10 only a few short months back.

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