So now that Windows 10 Mobile is officially been declared

Not much happened with Windows 10, should focus more on Windows Phone as a whole. Most memorable experience was my first time owning a Windows Phone (HTC Trophy). I remember how \’alive\’ Live Tiles back then – the sleek zune tile, my Xbox avatar popping in and out, my most recent status and notifications flips on my very own Me tile, heck even the boot screen was alive! I loved how Zune would constantly change my wallpaper based on what music is playing, how facebook messages and Hotmail messenger threads with SMS conversations, when hubs were \’hubs\’. I remember Bing Vision, Audio and Local Scout were really simple and useful. The basic camera and the easy gesture to swipe to view last shot. The ChevronWP and Nokia partnership and the launch of Apollo really were the times when it felt like This phone is designed for me and me only, and there\’s nothing else like it.

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