Hello, I am having trouble logging into my Asus X551C Laptop Running Windows 10. I keep getting a "We can\’t sign into your account sign out and the sign back in" error. After a few attempts at signing in and rebooting the computer, I tried to wipe and reset the computer. After a few attempts at trying to wipe and reset the computer, I received a "There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made" error. I then booted into Safe Mode and tried to make a few attempts wiping and resetting the PC with saving my files and a Full hard drive wipe, I received then a "Start up repair could not repair your PC. Log file C:\\WINDOWS\\System32\\Logfiles\\Srt\\SrtTrail.txt" . I also ran 2 anti-virus programs and cleaned the PC during and before this whole process. Unfortunately I don\’t have any backups on the PC. If I get this problem solved the first thing that I am going to do is Back Up the PC. Can anyone help me wipe and reset my PC. Thank You all in advance.

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