Hi Guys, I\’ve been into Windows phones since they where released and have been in and out of them on and off since that time. Always returning and hoping for the best, I have beta tested every new iteration of the phone software – I was even sent a Lumia 950 and display dock FOR FREE by Microsoft for doing so but have long since got rid of it. Anyway I know they have killed of support for the old stuff and all that is dead, but my phone recently broke (android) and I thought hell ill buy a cheapish windows phone that\’s upgradable to 10 as a temporary measure and stick with that until I know for sure what Microsoft has planned for the future, whether its a new line of mobile surface devices with phone capabilities or something else – to be honest I missed the tiles, the UI – you guys know what I\’m talking about, I missed my windows phone. I tried 2 different iPhones and hated them, I had a few androids but they kept crashing and the temptation to root them and do strange things to them meant I kept breaking them anyway haha – I cant wait to have a Lumia in my hands again for better or for worse! So what do you folks think is on the horizon for phone? will it be killed off completely, will we be getting some weird folding augmented reality device? cheers. jonny.

I think what Microsoft wants to do "something new". At least for now, Microsoft has promised support for newer phones until 2020.

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