Hey guys, what\’s up? Despite all the problems I have with Windows 10 in my past, it\’s a lovely OS. But, after some changings in my notebook, my hardware config is the simplest I\’ve ever see running Windows 10 (64bits). Here\’s my hardware:

  • Intel Celeron 1.5GHz
  • 2GB DDR3 860MHz
  • 320GB HD 5400RPM (I don\’t remember if this one is from Seagate or Toshiba)
  • 1366×768 HD display
  • Intel IvyBridge graphics card (onboard)

So, I ask you guys some help. I don\’t wanna change my notebook right now (I\’ve spent my money on a good tablet for college), and I\’ll buy some good RAM for this PC in a few months. Everything you guys know to help me run Windows 10 on this PC without problems will help. Thanks in advance!

Everything there seems perfectly adequate to run Windows 10 competently. (if it ran Vista or newer, it should run 10 okay) If I had to use those specs, I\’ll probably be able to live if that helps. As for upgrades, I would think about getting an SSD, which is the biggest upgrade you can probably make for that. But bumping up RAM to 4 GB ought to be good enough too, and simpler to install.

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