Back in early December, i dropped my beloved 640XL down some stairs and shattered the screen. I was forced to go to back to using my 920 which I loaded with Windows 10 mobile (the 640XL is still loaded with 8.1). Right before Christmas I bought a replacement screen on eBay to fix the screen myself. In searching for a repair guide/video I stumbled upon this article: An idiot�s guide: How not to repair your Lumia article tl;dr if hardware doesn\’t register phone is basically bricked I ended up successfully fixing the screen myself anyway because I simply missed the large screen real estate with the 640XL and just resigned myself to never updating to Windows 10 mobile from 8.1. But now I\’m missing Windows 10 something fierce (even on the sluggish 920) and would like to update the 640XL – but I am terrified of ending up with a lemon for a phone. The above article is the only instance I\’ve seen this talked about for Windows phone (I know the iPhone does something similar). Any one else know about this and if I can indeed update? If it\’s definitely impossible, I will, of course, forgo the update to keep a working phone but wanted to check my options first. Thanks for your time and assistance.

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