Recently I noticed something on my desktop on W10 AU 14393. When on my lockscreen after about I dunno 5 minutes or so my screen times out and goes black. I have my power settings on PC Goes to Sleep: Never, Turn Off Screen: After 2 hours. So I don\’t know what is causing this I remember it used to always stay on, I think this might be a new feature that they implemented in the anniversary update that I just noticed but I\’m not too sure on that. I can understand it on Mobile because of battery life that on Lock the screen times out after a few seconds. I can understand it on devices like My SP4 or SB which also use battery but I don\’t get it on a desktop that is plugged into the wall. I like having that beautiful picture always up from Spotlight/Bing images but now it just times out and goes black after a few minutes. Does anyone know why this is or how to fix it? 🙂

Definetly cant find a fix for this, i remember when i could have my lockscreen up all day on my desktop which looked beautiful like a picture in the room but now it goes black after about 2 minutes everytime. Must be a change that they made within the AU.

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