Email, right, a basic function and requirement for busy lifestyles these days, accessed from pc\’s smart phones etc, yet I find this function is totally screwed in windows 10 mobile at the moment.For me the setup of email on windows 8.0 phones, then on windows 8.1 phones updated to denim worked perfectly, yet when going forward to windows phone 10 on purchasing the microsoft Lumia 950 the basic email function one expects to work doesn\’t, well for me at least.My email settings haven\’t changed from windows phone 8 setup to windows phone 8.1 setup, so what has? Why is it that the same settings don\’t work properly in windows phone 10 ( Lumia 950). When I say don\’t work properly, I\’ll be more specific. I can receive emails from people, no problem, but I can not send emails out, they simply end up in my outbox, and don\’t advance. Why!….. Nothing has changed other than the windows phone operating system version.I\’ve contacted my IP and they have assured me that none of the email configuration settings have changed.It appears in my case that moving forward to windows phone 10 is not an advancement but a step back, as I can\’t use the services I expected to be available. For those in a similar situation let me know if in fact there is a remedy to this issue. dozer167a

Email works great on Windows 10 mobile. I have 5 accounts on Google/Microsoft etc. Suggest you go into the Settings/Accounts/Email accounts and check none are showing issues that need addressing. Worst case, remove and re-add the email accounts and they should then work.

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