Hey, guys! If I want to secure my Microsoft account, I can enable two step authentication, and I can also enable the app Authenticator . On the other hand, when I log into one of Microsoft services on a PC, it wouldn\’t ask me to login again. That is, although I find the fact that I don\’t have to login into my Calendar, OneNote, OneDrive over and over again, if somebody could login into that PC, he would actually access all that information. Plus, I do know that there are tools which could change a password of a Windows 7 user account, so I just assume that the same can be done in Windows 10? It may not be possible if I sign in into my Microsoft account on that PC, but still – even then I assume that somebody could change the type of logging into the account without my knowledge, and again – access all my emails, files, notes, etc… Correct me if I\’m wrong there. So because of this, I just wanted to ask if there is any way to secure my account on Windows 10 besides using an iris scanner, finger print scanner, or whatever? For example, I think it is really a pity that one cannot use Authenticator app for logging into a Windows 10 PC. Is there some settings which I don\’t know about, or is there some other way for me to secure the account, and even better – for me to know if somebody has logged into my account (even if that was me)? It would be great if I could get an SMS at least, or an email, or a push notification on my Windows 10 Mobile phone, each time somebody accesses my Microsoft account on any PC, or at least that particular PC. Thanks in advance, and I hope this isn\’t a double tread. I haven\’t found another tread like this.

a knowledge article by windows central, i believe it serves the purpose : How to manage Microsoft and user accounts in Windows 10 | Windows Central

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