My work just gave me a former employees SP4 since I haven\’t had the best of luck with my HP Zbook G2. Since I joined the domain with the SP4 it doesn\’t give me the options to enable Windows hello or do a PIN. I am not on our internal side but I can modify my own AD attributes to fix. I just need to know what is the magic combination for this to work. I am getting the following, "Your PC\’s power settings are preventing some option from being shown. I had pin and fingerprint recognition working on my Zbook with no issues is why I am up in arms.. Any help would be greatly appreciated because during the trial period I may return it and get them to purchase a Surface book.

Hi ! Thought I would respond sense no one has! Here\’s user guild for Surface Pro. Maybe you can find the answer in the guild!…79tEOw&cad=rja

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