Work at a small company, shared printers stop working after few windows updates, tried some googled solutions but, they require to uninstall this updates, that later will be installed again. Anyone know what is the real solution, something that will work all the time ? Removing updates are not working anymore, wushowhide does not show the updates to hide. Someone suggest me to add passwords to those computers and enable password protected sharing, did not work for every computer in the network.

Are you using a print server? If yes, that\’s may be the problem. MS broke network printing in some scenarios with the September CU that included another fix to the print spooler vulnerabilities. More info at the link below. One thing that may be worth trying prior to uninstalling server patches and/or tweaking the registry is to check whether users are local admins on their PCs. If not and if it doesn\’t violate a company policy, grant local admin permissions to a user and see what happens.…work-printing/

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