Guys, I was a big time Windows phone user since Dell Venue Pro but left the ship last year and moved to Android (Galaxy Note 4). The main reason for my move was Google Voice…I use it heavily. So my question is, what is the scene around Windows Mobile and Skype integration in 2016. Is it still years behind if you compare it to Android + Google Voice. Before anyone start shouting here, again I am a core Microsoft fan with all MS stuff except Mobile Phone. I also have Skype paid subscription to Call / SMS phones, with Skype number. So, in short, you still cant send SMS/Text using your Skype number, right? And I am damn sure you cannot call phones using your Skype subscriptions and number from Windows Mobile, right?I am not talking about Skype app but the built in Messaging and Phone apps. I will leave Android + Google Voice once this is done..until then just keeping my eyes and playing with Lumia 925 Windows Phone 10 build 🙂

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