I know we are busy with the preview releases and all but I have this in my mind from a long time. We know that even though Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 got the update to have the slow motion video mode recently even though both the phones were capable, Microsoft has released it very late. Now, that feature is really good & I do like it as I take a lot of Slo-Mo videos of my kid.But its of 720p and I still believe MS can get this mode to 1080p, is there any specific requirement for it to be of 1080p? I honestly think that these phones are capable & still MS has to just work on it. Do I need to ask MS video developer team(if any)?

No, because of hardware limitations. One can\’t just force a device to take more high-resolution videos at higher frame rates if it wasn\’t designed to take it – it\’ll be like putting food in one\’s mouth faster than one can swallow. There\’s more hope in newer devices (especially those that haven\’t been announced yet).

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