So a friend I know works in the Electronics department of a store here in town, tipped me they will try to blow out stock that has sat on a shelf and no one wants. They are having an unadvertised blow out/clearance on a cheep headset with bluetooth controler. So I thought what the heck spend a little and set very very low expectations!!!! Seeing as most bluetooth devices that are multi platform, the devices that have Android support work ok with Windows Phone also ( settings are the same)……at least that is what I have found. So at the very least the single hand controller may function like a mouse…..or not, we will find out….. So what I need to know is what is available for Windows 10 for Mobile…..has any one managed to pry the Alcatel VR apps off the Idol and moved it to a 950/950 XL ? Will the Edge Mobile Browser support 360 Video on Youtube site ??? What apps do we have that work…… So far the 3 devices that will be tested are a 640 XL, 650, and a 950XL as the head set can fit all 3. If you have any info please post up, so I can let people know what to expect for under $50

Ok so just after a a quick search of the store…….Tubecast free and Pro seem to play nice with Video 360, and as I don\’t yet have the headset in hand ( until the morning ), I fired it up and just warped my hands around the ends of the phone against my face and moved my glasses until most of my vision was filled…..Even blury the roller coaster ride gave me a bit of the feeling and I had to pull it away. Video 360 says it works with xbox controllers…….so I am going to hope maybe I can luck out and get the bluetooth controller to work……. So I still have very low expectations set for the 640 XL as it\’s low rez I think will reduce the visual side, but I think the 950 XL may surprise me.

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