Hi,I\’ve been reading on how to use Spotify Connect on a Windows Phone 10 device, and found that Spotify Connect is not working in the Spotify app and that there has been a huge outrage on Spotifys support pages about the missing support for Windows Phone devices. But I think I have found a working temporary solution. I just logged on to the Spotify web player on my Surface Pro 4. It is important to do it in the Edge browser. I then bookmarked the web player adress when I was logged in. Waited for the bookmark to sync to my HP Elite X3 and opened the bookmark in Edge on the phone, and to my surprise it could play my playlists and also use Spotify Connect to stream to my Audio Pro Addon C5 multiroom speakers. Unfortunately I had no luck with my PS4 or Cromecast, but at least the multiroom system worked. Maybe some other people have other network or multiroom speakers that will work. At least it is worth a try. By the way, the web player in Edge works better than the app. Not sure if Edge has to be in desktop mode, but that is what I have set. With kind regardsUlf GilleSweden

Unfortunately this solution does not work on my Lumia950XL even if I set edge showing webpage in desktop mode. Spotify connect works fine with continuum using the webplayer with my Yamaha RXV-779 amplifier, but as soon as I switch from continuum to phone spotify connect doesn´t work on the phone. Spotify app works alright for me but would be nice to have spotify connect. Maybe something is different with HP Elite x3…

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