I just got a used Lumia 950 for a good price (I\’m hanging in there with the W10M, and really I just needed a better camera to take pics of my son), and I\’m a little confused about the proper way to go from one phone – old one is a Lumia 650 – to another. I\’ve run back up on the old phone, and I\’ve reset the new one. I understand that I\’m supposed to sign-in during the new phone\’s set up process, and then I can choose a backup to restore? What about all of the photos and apps that are on my old SD card? I did a quick search, but only found some 8.1 info.

I could be wrong but I think all you need to do is sign in with your MS account and everything should be the same from one phone to the next (it might take some time for everything to d/l). Twitter: @PhotographyET

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