Hey Folks It\’s quite difficult for me to explain this but I try my best. Apps with a windows phone 8 style have round buttons on the bottom of the screen. Like in Outlook mail you could search or select files with them. Here is an example: windows-phone8.jpg Now, if I open an app with especially white colors you can see these buttons (even though it is nearly visible) without they are ment to be there. If I make a screenshot and I go to the photo\’s app look at the white screen, the buttons are still visible. However, if I zoom in they are still visible but not on the image. Can I conclude from this that these buttons are \’burned\’ into the screen or is it just a Windows 10 mobile bug. I have a Lumia 925 with the latest Windows insider build (.63). Sometimes it annoys me because I want to know what the issue is here. Does someone have an idea? Thanks in advance.

Hmm, it doesn\’t show on my Outlook on build .63….Have you checked the store for updates??

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