I\’ve got a UK Nokia 1520 with Windows 10. A problem with email has started occurring recently. I have four email accounts defined in the phone. Three are working fine, but one-off them (email removed by staff) has stopped working properly. The problem is that it won\’t download \’messages and images\’ – you just get the header of the email. I\’ve tried changing the \’always download images\’ setting, but that makes no difference. I\’ve tried switching the phone off and on, and tried deleting the account, but the problem remains. This email account works fine on other devices, like my iPad. It worked fine on the phone until about three weeks ago. I don\’t know whether it\’s a Windows 10 phone problem, or a problem with this email account – as I said the phone email works fine with other email accounts, and the problem email account works fine on other devices, so it\’s hard to know who to ask for help. Thanks. Doug

contact your company for the latest settings for the account – something might have changed on their end

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